Monday, April 09, 2007

A Cuppa....

After a busy and slightly overwhelming week, I got a pause this morning to re-connect with abundance. Having just cleaned up the kitchen from yesterday's feast, I celebrated by brewing a cuppa tea before starting in on preparation for leaving town in the morning.

The words on my tea bag made me pause. I smiled. I thought about all the good things surrounding me and I reflected on last night.

We enjoyed a Birthday celebration, surrounded by friends, talented musicians, food and good beer (always a plus). Some moments stand out of course......

~My wee man (6years of age) blowing up a balloon then releasing the air under a ladies mini-skirt. Oh yes, it flew up high, causing a movie-like effect. It was beautiful.

~Dancing with my 10 year old as she and I pretended to do the Tango. Is that why my neck hurts this morning?

~Watching my friend smile as the room swelled with food and people to celebrate her special day.

~Watching my three children that attended, run up and down the sidewalk making loud noises with the contraption that wee man invented; a noisemaker stripped of the paper parts, shoved inside a balloon and blown up over and over again to make a looooooooong lasting noise.

~Shuffling to music that involved something called a "gut bucket" ...I'm pretty sure that's a southern thing.:)

~Holding hands with the man I married almost 18 years ago, and not only enjoying his presence but thinking how very attractive he was.

~Wearing high heeled, sassy boots and not having my foot hurt at all (just some dull ache to remind me the burn is there) while dancing last night.

~Waking up to a messy kitchen, which reminded me of all the fun we had yesterday.

~Getting said kitchen cleaned up and starting the food prep for a wonderful trip tomorrow.

Then I'm thinking about getting on the road to meet up with more friends and watch my joyful children be with some of their favorite people in the whole world down at the Carolina coast. I was feeling happy that my foot has healed for the most part (burned it a couple weeks ago pretty severely) and I'm making cinnamon rolls today.

I was also grateful for the good friends we ate Easter dinner with yesterday....our "created" family. We were filled up yesterday. Filled up with connections and beer and food and hugs and dancing and jokes and smiles and noisemakers and craziness.

As I stood there with my happy feelings, I looked over at my mug of tea steeping. The tag hung out and upon it there were three words; Cup of Joy, and I knew what I wanted to blog about.

What's in your cup of joy today?


Snavleys said...

My cup is full that is for sure!!It's amazing when we just pause to give thanks how long the list starts getting! Wish I was there to share some of those moments with you. I've been thinking a lot about Easter last year and how much fun we had, hard to believe it was a year ago. Love you!

laura said...

sounds like you had an amazing time!!

in my cuppa:
my family...always. my husband for his strength.
my friends we spent yesterday afternoon with on their sunporch...just talking.
laughing with my kids like a bunch of hyenas today at taco bell. there is something in the food (duh) because whenever we venture in there within 15 minutes we cannot stop laughing.
going to the beach today just for the sun and swimming...but it felt good...even when the kids started to grump...i was glad to have them there to grump.
for the festival i'm selling at tomorrow that i don't want to go to, but that i do, but i don't, but i do...the push and pull of doing something outside my comfort zone.

Anonymous said...

Found you!


Jen/Moira/and Family

Stephanie said...

This was a very inspiring post.
It's been quite a while since I've checked this blog - today I put up a link to it so I'll not foget again.
Thank you for these words.

Anonymous said...

That was a nice post. I love that tea kettle, it's so pretty.
I thought you had four kids...???