Monday, January 28, 2008

I must be nuts

But for those of you that read my other blog, you already know I'm out of my mind right? Right?

So here goes anyway. I signed up for the "thing-a-day" challenge in February. There is still time if you want some inspiration. Register before January 31st and create one thing a day in February...yes, every day. Create something and blog about it before midnight each night.

That's the part I'm having particular difficulty thinking about, the blogging part. I create stuff every day anyway, even if it's just a loaf of bread. But to take pictures (yeah, I do those every day too pretty much) and WRITE about it here? Ack.

But I took the leap of faith and signed up anyway. Sierra promised to help me by letting me use her digital camera which makes it all within the realm of possibility.

The cool part? I just started cleaning out my art corner in the garage (all you organized people can stop snickering now...yes, I just got the Christmas tree taken apart today) so I can actually GET to all that lovely stuff I like to create with. Not that the "thing-a-day" needs to be art. I just need it to be art for some of the days since that's what I'm neglecting lately. That and writing.

I'm obsessed with my garden this year too, so I'll probably be posting about progress with becoming a suburbanite farmer.:) Ok, maybe not a farmer but the backyard will slowly become growing grounds for all things edible. Hey, 3/4 of an acre counts as a farm. Doesn't it? Doesn't it??? Wah.

So I'd love to hear from other people who blog about their February "thing-a-day". If you join, leave a comment here and we'll keep each other inspired! Wouldn't it be cool to create a gift for someone each and every day? Hey, I might actually be ready for the holidays this year. Maybe.