Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Second Chance Farm

As one torn between worlds of earth and air, it's never easy to find a middle ground. A place where all of the interests mesh. So I've learned that meshing isn't so important as finding a space for all of it.

The farming life has called to me since I was a little girl visiting my Grandparent's farm. I've come to realize that the idea of a farm is pretty idealistic. The reality is just plain grit and determination, combined with a restlessness and calm that are hard to describe.

In searching for my way to this farm life, without my family being on board, I have managed to carve a space. A space that feels safe, that challenges me to do more, a space that calms some inner desire to be close to my food sources and know the face of my food.

I'm only there about once a week right now. Hoping to add more as my hectic life schedule faces some transitions. I leave my work days at the farm with aching body, grimy skin, a basket full of riches from the earth and a sense of calm that can be rather evasive at times.

Thank you to Heather for giving me this space and for patiently sharing and showing the way. The girl is a pint-sized powerhouse. It's unbelievable what plain-vanilla grit and determination can yield. The spirit of hard working farm people from generations past, is alive and well...believe me. I'm grateful to witness it and looking forward to many farm adventures and learning.

I'm learning many things that will alter my own home garden and growing methods. Step by step I move closer to my farm dreams....

Laying the drip line

Can you see a tired dog trying to find a bit of shade there?

Her draft horses are so beautiful...the smell takes me back to childhood.

Hand raised chickens are soooo friendly!

Farm help comes in many forms...