Saturday, January 05, 2013

New Year's resolutions haven't been my thing for a long time, but I still look to the New Year as a chance to re-organize, examine, process and reflect. This year I'm feeling a need for some goal setting maybe, just  maybe. We are a goal-setting, goal-driven society but I see that cause a lot of grief for people as well. It's not so much the goals as the attachment to the goal that can become problematic in life. My Zen practice reminds me of this and the impermanence of it all.

For the first time in a long time, I am mapping out some goals. I'm realizing that it's the small things for me. The daily practices I need to be more mindful about.

It might be as simple as sitting down to write or do art instead of getting on Facebook. Or bake some bread and make soup for my family. I want those small moments to be wide awake as is in the daily tasks that we build the life we choose.

2012 was a lot about growth and taking big leaps. I'm hoping 2013 is continued growth and  personal development. I'd like to think that the steps I've taken up to now have prepared me for bigger success, for more dedication to the interests I have and to claiming more fully this life I love.

2012 was about saying "yes".  Yes to self-employment, yes to marriage, yes to signing up for a body are competition, yes to the development of a book.... YES.

Mostly I just sit in gratitude for all that is mine in this life. For the opportunities and friendships that have come my way. For my children, for this home, for the life we are building and have built together. For a soul-mate, for connections and for the time to do the things I love. For health and access to wonderful food.  I am a most fortunate human being.

As we reflect on the year and look towards the future, let us not lose living in the NOW. Right this second, we have much.

 EnJOY this moment, enjoy the planning and scheming and make sure you make some room for body paint and photography. Because I'd love to see you soon!!!