Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sacred Space

When dealing with the topic of creativity and reclaiming our creative selves, the idea of sacred space often swirls up in conversation. I highly recommend spaces that help your spirit find peace, joy, inspiration...whatever it is that you need.

I have such a space. In altering the function of a closet in my bedroom, I created a meditation area. I was sitting in there tonight, looking around at the items I've chosen to surround myself with and pondering just what the magic combination is for each person. It isn't a static thing, my space is in constant flux as interest and need changes with the seasons of life. Right now, these are some of the items that have found a home in my sacred space:
~A plethora of books, ranging from art and spirituality to the more concrete anatomy and nutrition. Current favorites (some I've read, some are beckoning me) include "Succulent, Wild Women" by Sark, "The Sense of Wonder" by Rachel Carson, "Mamaphonic" edited by Bee Lavender and Mai Rossini, "Traveling Light" by Brian Andreas, "Wild Mind" by Natalie Goldberg, "The Birth House" by Ami McKay, "Brother Cadfael's Herb Garden" by Talbot Whiteman and my very favorites to look at, all the old books I collect like a drug addict.

~An altered shelf I created, upon which sits: A handmade clay tree purchased at Nelson's Fine art, a Quan Yin statue given to me by a dear person that I will never forget, an ATC that a new friend (Darlene) gave to me at the conference to encourage me. The words on this particular ATC are "I can visualize my dreams into reality".
There are other objects, too numerous to list, but all meaningful to my spirit in some unique way.

~A basket of meditation stones. It feels good to hold these, touch them, rub them as you focus on the word inscribed on the stone. The Goddess with the word "love" and the stone with "abundance" are two of my favorite. The large marble that looks like the earth is particularly appealing for some reason.

~A quilt made by my paternal Grandmother that lives in Manning Oregon who used to farm.

~Another quilt made of my late mother's clothing, a truly precious gift that my father gave to each of us girls.

~A buddha statue, looking all serious in the lotus position, next to some bird nests on the floor.

Just now, my sleepy children are snuggled up on pillows and blankets here in my room as I write. Sierra got her "bed" laid out just how she likes it and as she scooched down into softness she smiled brightly and said "It feels SO good to have my bed how I like it."

We all need places and spaces for dreaming. What do our spaces say about us? Are they fulfilling our inner desires for harmony and inspiration? Creating spaces that sing to the soul is important, though for each of us it will look so very different.

What are some of the items in your sacred space?

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