Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Zero miles...almost

The Black Locusts are blossoming! I've waited an entire year to sample this delicacy after learning they were edible last year but losing the blossoms to a late freeze. They are truly an elegant food. I picked a few for the kids and Sierra got very excited about my stir fry idea.

So she came outside to harvest some edibles..

she started with the locust blossoms.

Aren't they amazing? I think they are one of the most fulfilling wild edibles ever....they are beautiful to look at, smell heavenly and taste of a sweet, mild pea. Perfection if I ever knew it.

She gathers some broccoli rabe from the garden along with the blossoms.

Busted! She looks like Tica here, nibbling on the blossoms.

Speaking of Ms. Tica...she's a total escape artist. I knew this about rabbits, truly I did. But she is extraordinarily talented. Funny little gal will jump back in her cage if you chase her. As long as you don't try to pick her up, she'll let you get close.

Sierra pauses to play with silly rabbit before chasing her back to her enclosure where she dutifully jumps back in. She's got us trained well.

The final zero miles meal (and our very first ever, so it's a special occasion). Ok, it's almost zero miles. We did use a bit of olive oil and a smidge of Dale's seasoning, but other than that it's all from right here. It was delicious.

Delicious and satisfying right down to the nubbins of my soul.:)


Anonymous said...

that looks amazing.

Melissa said...

How fun!
Between you and the herbwife, I've been trying to figure out what ELSE we can eat from our yard.
We have mulberries, and wild strawberries, and thus far they've made a fair cobbler. LOL

The girls made dandelion salad last week, a little bitter but still tasty and fun.

thanks for sharing!!