Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where I'm from

I am from diamond willow, Pledge and an El Camino. I am from dresses with hidden pockets, Dippity-Do and "meetings".

I am from the orange and brown house on Farewell street that held the red striped couch, clean, warm, smelling of home cooked food.

I am from the spider plants, marigolds and a small yellow bird, strawberries, roses and smiling Mum in the sunflower house.

I am from Bidwells and Porters, strong who divorced and ran a hat shop before women did such things, an Auntie I'm named after, farmers, truckers, hard working hands and re-using everything because it was useful.

I am from the chaos of many people and noisy hub-bub of voices spilling late at night over whoosh of kerosene, creak of cabin floors and crackle of woodstove.

From "life isn't fair" and "do it right the first time" and singing "Tell Me the Story of Jesus", (hymn #1 because it was our favorite).

I am from a cultish group that calls themselves "the friends" and "the truth". A community filled with friendship and untruth.

I'm from the land of the midnight sun, the hushed magic of Busby Island, hot cocoa time at Wasilla convention, lefsa and gingerbread with lemon sauce.

From the Uncle Danny who threw hard snowballs at cars when he was a boy and cracked my Grandpas windshield, the Dad who jumped out of a jeep to try and avoid trouble but got into more and the Mum who fell in love with my Dad when she was 16.

I am from stories. Stories of all these people I am part of, stories of the past and the future, stories of truth and fantasy. I am from "Koala Lou I Do Love You" the night my mother told it in public and dedicated it to me, from "Goodnight Moon", "Where The Wild Things Are" and "Robbie" stories made up by my Grame, recorded on cassette tapes and shipped from Seattle.

I am from boxes all jumbled with photos and memories, dusty hummels, shells and bones from Busby Island, a quilt of my mother's clothing created after she died which stays near me every night and a ball my Grandma Sally sewed for me as a baby...they hold more than you would know when you see the worn surfaces, more than I can tell in a lifetime.

Zenmomma posted her own "Where I'm from" which inspired this post. The original idea for this meme was inspired by a poem, you can learn more about it here. I did a couple slight tweaks, because I could.:)


Zenmomma said...

I've love where you're from. :o)

Snavleys said...

Wow, that was incredibly beautiful!! I forgot all about Robby tapes! I have a hard time recalling memories until I'm reminded of them:) Is that an oxymoron? Can I just steal it because "Where I'm From" is the same right? It might take me a couple of weeks, compared to your probably 5 min. but I will come up with one of my own:)

Dora Lynn said...

Hello Ren,
I loved hearing where you are from. I have loved reading your blog for the past couple of years. Imagine my surprise when you mentioned the hot cocoa from Wasilla Convention. I quit the same "cult" about six years ago. It is so neat to know of another unschooler who has had some of the same background. It would be neat to talk to you more about this.

Ren said...

Wow Dora Lynn....this is truly amazing. I've actually met (online only) another unschooler who left the church and one who is actually still attending! Don't even ask me how it jives with unschooling because it just can't in my world.;)

Cool that you figured out the commonality. I bet we know some of the same people. Small world eh? Write me sometime!

Ren said...

Oh, and Heidi (posted here in comments as "snavleys") is my sister so she can totally relate too!

Dora Lynn said...

Hello again! I so do want to write you! My 6mos old stops my computer time is a big way! Do you want me to keep writing here? Or email? I have two sisters who have also quit. What a relief to have us all out although the relatives sure don't think so. Both sisters are avid unschoolers. We live in Ashcroft BC Canada. The town we grew up in. When did you quit? What was your motivation? Did your husband profess? I have a million questions. But that is all for here and now! And of course only if you want to answer them!

Ren said...

Yes, write me at, we have some startling similarities in that one of my sisters is an avid unschooler the other is unschool supportive.:)

Frank said...

Fascinating, Ren. This is a marveloous insight into your history. It's so nice to be where we are now and not still where we're from, huh?

Faline said...

Okay, another sister must jump in here! Hi Ren and hi to your sis Heidi too.I've enjoyed and related to your blog as well, Ren. Dora called me with excitement after reading about the hot cocoa at convention...Amazing to know you used to be "professing"! Reading about "Tell me the story of Jesus", hymn #1...So familiar. Would be fascinating to exchange stories. I just read another (more recent) blog of yours about choosing to live your life without a predeterminded very different from being in the cult.
We are both on RU network too, and also have 4 children each. Our other sis has 3. My email is if either of you are interested in writing more about this!