Friday, February 01, 2008


So I started with a brilliant plan to make some ATC's for Jalen. He turns seven tomorrow and we celebrated his birthday today. The art cards may still happen tomorrow, but today is over and I'm exhausted. Between the birthday and having some awesome friends hang out and then hit the grocery store, there will be no ATC creations for my first Thing-a-day.

I did create something. Sorta. I created the beginnings of a garden. A very large garden that will only exist in my mind for a bit longer. But I planted some inhabitants of the garden that we plan to eat. So it's not really so much of something I created today, but a baby step towards something I am creating.

I've never started Broccolli or Peppers from seed and I have no heating mat for them yet. So we'll see how they do. There's more to come, all a grand experiment for this amateur gardener.
I can smell spring around the corner, truly I can. Now if I wasn't sitting here freezing cold trying to keep my hands from getting stiff.:)

I'm throwing in an artsy image too...just fer fun.
My idea with doing the "Thing-a-day" project was to encourage myself to get back into the act of making art regularly. I created this image on Sierra last week, so it doesn't count for the project, but I wanted to put a pic here since it's plant related (kinda, sorta, maybe?).

Happy creating to all of you who signed up! I'm still figuring it all out too, but I assume we post a comment at the project site that links to our blogs? Off to find out (just in the nick of time's almost midnight)!


Cid said...

Ren....that's TOTALLY creating :) baby steps!! I'm so excited to watch your garden grow, lol. I have no space and no talent in growing here...

and the art you painted on your daughter's face... wow. It's just beautiful!

Enjoy thing-a-day :) I just went over to the site and added a "post" under my name and it has just a link to my blog. Others just posted a link, but not sure how they did it and it's too late to worry!!

Happy TaD!! Hugs, Cid in CA

kelli said...

That drawing is beautiful Ren! It would make an amazing tattoo! I think it would look good with my swirls don'tchya think? ;)

piscesgrrl said...

I agree with kelli - that would be an amazing tatoo! It's just lovely. I'm jealous that you're thinking spring there already. I've gardened every year but last year was pretty burnt out so I did the bare minimum. But this year... I feel the yen to do it again... and your post inspires me even more.

Jenny Hassler said...

I love Ciara's tree-face.

Yay for beauty in all its forms.