Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First fruits

We built a new pen for Ms.Tica and she loves being a semi-free rabbit again. I think she's the best fed rabbit in these parts, getting raw veggies and leaves from the garden every day. I'm thinking about ignoring those Home-owner association rules and putting some chickens in here. It's under the deck stairs so I don't think anyone would see them easily. Anyone know how well chickens and rabbits do together?

The herb garden is bursting at the seams now. There are several basil, rosemary, thyme, sage, summer savory, oregeno, marjoram, lavender, marigolds, dianthus, tithonia torch (mexican sunflower), sunflowers and morning glory. The Dill is all finished for now but I may start some in the fall again. Two volunteers share the herb bed...a roma tomato and watermelon, both from last year. I really need to move the watermelon but every bit of space I had left, went to the sweet potatoes.

I know it probably gets old seeing this same shot week after week, but I like seeing how it changes every time. I didn't get half of my goals accomplished this year, so it helps me to see the progress on what DID get done.:)

Another volunteer, sprung from the old compost bed. I thought it was zucchini at first, but it's kinda round. Might have been a hybrid, so we'll just have to see what it wants to be and whether it will be useful or not.

Cherry tomatoes hang gracefully on the vine,

Some plump peppers,

and a few knobby cukes.

My Brandywine tomatoes are filling out. Might be time for some fried green tomatoes soon!

This morning I unearthed a handful of Yukon Gold potatoes,

which became a simple and hearty breakfast of onions (also from the garden), potatoes and eggs from down the road. Yum.
There is nothing more buttery and smooth than a homegrown Yukon Gold. I can't believe the silky texture. Potatoes can handle long-term storage but they sure have great texture right from the garden! I can't think of many foods more pleasurable.


Snavleys said...

Wow, I'm just so amazed at how different your yard looks and your garden is doing so well! I hope that is what mine looks like next year. I do have two tomatoes on the vine but it's not going to be a great year for anyone's garden seeing that we are just going to skip summer. I've never, in my 36 years of living, experienced a summer like this. It's retarded!! I guess on the plus side - we aren't having any tornadoes or floods.

LeaAnn said...

Yummmm, can I live in your backyard?

piscesgrrl said...

Your backyard looks lovely! I love planting zinnias and other flowers in with my veggies too - makes for such a gorgeous palette. I agree that there's nothing like a tasty potato straight from the earth. I never knew there was such a difference until I grew my own.