Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Path to Freedom

I love the Path to Freedom website and just signed up for the 100 foot challenge. Part of me wonders how on earth I plan to meet the challenge with such a smallish garden, but then everything I've accomplished thus far has been by committing first and figuring it out later.;)

They give some space for including local foods and such, so the eggs I buy right down the street will probably be included at times. Connected with a couple that runs an organic farm at the beekeeping meeting last night. Very exciting! Mainly because they plan to have a booth at the newly started Jonesborough Farmer's Market.

Anyone who lives nearby should really think about supporting the market. It runs on Saturdays from 7am-11am in the library parking lot and for now the booths are free. Once they start charging it will be a $5 daily fee or you can rent for the season at a discount. I'd love to get enough herbs going to start taking some bundles down. For now I'm trying to eat them all.:)

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