Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You get three words

This has been on my mind lately, don't ask why. I think of weird stuff at random times.:)

If there were three words to describe you after you died, what would they be? I decided that I hoped people would say of me "she was fearless". I can't think of a better legacy to leave behind. Still working on that fearless part.

What would people say about you? Three words. Go!

Oh, and publish a link if you put it at your blog or feel free to leave it in comments here. The above picture is one that Sierra and I did on February 29th. Fearlessly leaping. Yep.


Three Mommies said...

The first three that lept to my mind were: kind, thoughtful, and helpful.

I can imagine that they might evolve - moment to moment even depending on what I'm doing. Right now the word patient sprung up.

Jessica said...

It is interesting that you said "fearless", b/c I have oftentimes referred to you as "not afraid of color!"